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Wheat in the United States is the most frequently consumed grain, but wheat baits on American shopping lists are surprisingly rare. It's wheat at its fundamental level: the entire grain kernel only removed with the inedible husk. Before all refinement takes place, wheat berries are the source of all wheat products. For example, milled, ground wheat berries are the origin of wheat flour.
Wheat berries, like the bran, the germ and the endosperms, are the edible portion of the wheat kernel until any grain is processed. This whole, chewy, nutty, high fiber grain can be used like any other whole grain you want. For buying Wheat Berries there are many Wheat Berries Wholesale Suppliers are available.
Whole beans of grain wheat are hard and so you can cook for a while. Cover them with plenty of water to prepare wheat berries and bring them to a boil, and simmer them about an hour in a cushion, or until they sweeten. Soak wheat fruits first overnight for quicker cooking. In your pot or pressure cooker you can also cook them.
For soups , salads, side dishes and as a basis for stir-fry using cooked wheat baits as rice or other whole grain. For breakfast porridge, you can make bell peppers and kettle them in milk. You can use wheat berries to make your own fresh wheat flour if you've got a home mill (or a high powered Vitamix food processor). You can also directly buy Wheat Berries from Wheat Berries suppliers .


Nearly all nutrients remain in wheat berries with the intact kernel. They have a high content of fiber, iron , and calcium and are low in calories and fat in magnesium and vitamin E. One portion of wheat berries produce 160 kilos (1/4 cup dry or 1 cup boiled) with a total fat content of less than 1 gram. Wheat berries provide almost eight g of protein per serving, and 20% of the recommended daily fiber provide. However, wheat berries contain gluten and are not suitable for people with celiac illness or gluten intolerance.

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